Upgraded PAC Software

The bulk of improvements in Version 7.2 of the ioProject automation software are found in ioControl, the control programming component of the  ioProject suite.

ioControl is a self-documenting, flowchart-based programming and debugging tool used with the vendor’s SNAP-PAC programmable automation controllers. ioControl 7.2 offers support for the company’s new line of higher density SNAP I/O modules. Support for these new modules comes through extensive improvements to the vendor’s Memory Map Protocol (OptoMMP), an IEEE 1394-based protocol used to connect to, configure and read and write to I/O points on rack-mounted SNAP PACs and I/O brains on an Ethernet network. Other improvements include an updated graphical user interface and several new
debugging tools, including more ways to inspect and view I/O associated with the control strategy—in real time. Other components of ioProject have also been upgraded,
including ioDisplay and OptoOPCServer. Version 7.2 improvements apply both to ioProject Basic, which is shipped with every SNAP PAC controller, and to ioProject Professional, which is available through system integrators, distributors and others at a list price of $999.

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