Plan Your Year

The 365-Day YearMaster Wall Calendar Planner is a large magnetic Whiteboard system designed to give users both a grand view of their year together with day-to-day details that allow for instantly-changeable long-term planning, organizing and communicating in just one glance.

“Workers usually have some sort of calendar—a paper or computer version—but in most cases, they give only a one-month view, are difficult to share with their work associates and cannot be considered an effective business tool,” says Wally Krapf, president at the vendor. The YearMaster calendar format displays 12 month rows and 31 columns across, giving a daily line-view of each month, and includes a comprehensive supply kit with write-on tools, magnetic cardholders, cards, PC card-keying template, write-on magnets, magnet status signals in 10 colors, and printed magnetic sets. It is available in 4x6-foot and 4x12-foot sizes displaying from 3 to 14 events a day.


Magnatag Visible Systems



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