Bridge Design/Production Gaps

Nov. 8, 2006
Tecnomatix Production Management portfolio is a family of manufacturing shop-floor applications that is billed as the industry’s first software solution to integrate production management with a company’s overall product lifecycle management (PLM) process.
Tecnomatix Production Management effectively expands the value of PLM by bridging the gaps between product design and production processes, says the vendor, enabling manufacturers to accelerate product launches, streamline regulatory compliance, facilitate lean manufacturing and implement continuous process improvement. Production Management includes the following products: Tecnomatix FactoryLink for shop-floor connectivity (SCADA/HMI); Tecnomatix MES (formerly Xfactory) for production monitoring and control; and Tecnomatix Production Management Portal for manufacturing event reporting and shop-floor intelligence. These products are now tightly integrated with the vendor’s Teamcenter PLM software portfolio.

UGS Corp.