"Human-like" Dual-arm Robot

Nov. 8, 2006
The DA20 dual-arm robot provides high-speed motion with two six-axis arms that are said to provide human-like flexibility of movement.
This design makes the DA20 well-suited for a wide variety of assembly, part transfer, machine tending and other handling tasks that formerly could only be done by people, says the vendor. Featuring 13 axes of motion (six axes per arm plus a single axis for base rotation), the DA20 robot has a 20-kg (44.1-lb) payload per arm, a 756-mm (29.8-in) reach per arm and a repeatability of +/11mm (0.004-in.). Both robot arms can work together to double the payload or accomplish intricate tasks. In addition, both robot arms can perform tasks independently without degradation of throughput. The DA20 can also transfer a part from one of its arms to the other with no need to set the part down temporarily. It also provides fixture-free operation, allowing one robot arm to hold a part while the other performs required processes on that part.