Smarter Ethernet Switch

Nov. 8, 2006
Billed as a new category of industrial Ethernet switch, the EKI-6538 is designed to occupy a space between inexpensive unmanaged switches and expensive fully managed switches.
The EKI-6538 has many features of a fully managed switch at a price comparable to many unmanaged switches, says the vendor. Equipped with eight 10/100Base-TX Ethernet ports, the EKI-6538 is intended as a cost-effective solution for industrial customers to implement packet switching with easy control of network performance and security parameters. The switch provides efficient network traffic management, easy traffic diagnostics and monitoring, virtual LAN segmentation and security enhancements that make the EKI-6538 smarter than unmanaged switches, the vendor says. Pricing starts at $395.Advantech Corp., eAutomation