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Wireless Ethernet Connectivity

RadioLinx Frequency Hopping Radios are industrial grade wireless modems that provide wireless connectivity for Ethernet, Serial, or Ethernet with Serial.

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All operate at 2.4GHz and offer 15-mile line-of-sight range. The RLX-FHE is compatible with all Ethernet 802.3-compliant protocols, and is designed to provide reliable operation in high-interference environments where PLCs are typically used. The RLX-FHES can connect Serial and Ethernet devices to one wireless network. It encapsulates common serial protocols in TCP/IP Ethernet packets, and converts Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP/IP for PLC-to-PLC messaging. The RLX-FHS offers advanced support for leading serial protocols, including Modbus, DF1, DNP 3.0, and ASCII with data rates to 115kbps full duplex.






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