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High-Density Thermocouple Input Module

The SNAP-AITM-8 thermocouple input module accepts up to eight channels of temperature or millivolt input from a variety of standard thermocouples or millivolt device inputs. It is well-suited for applications requiring temperature monitoring, data acquisition and control, says the vendor.

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By accepting up to eight isolated thermocouple probes, the SNAP-AITM-8 quadruples the density of standard SNAP thermocouple modules and reduces the cost per point by about 33%. This increased density can reduce required panel space for applications with a high number of thermocouple inputs to as little as 25% of the previous space required. In addition to analog-to-digital conversion from type B, C, D, G, E, J, K, N, R, S and T thermocouples, the SNAP-AITM-8 can also be configured to accept millivolt readings in the -75 to +75, -50 to +50, and –25 to +25 ranges. This allows direct instrument readings from Wheatstone bridges, strain gauges and other instruments and devices. List price for the SNAP-AITM-8 module is $495.

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