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Online Tool Boosts Condition Monitoring

Enhanced condition monitoring services from the vendor now include an online reporting and analytics tool. As part of a service contract, the Web-based tool is designed to identify corrective action based on data gathered through condition monitoring and other predictive maintenance activities performed at the facility.

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The online tool also features functionality to help manufacturers determine the approximate return on investment (ROI) for activities, as well as track actual ROI over the course of their condition-based maintenance (CbM) programs. Using data gathered through the plant’s existing CbM program, the online tool analyzes the information and reports the cost-savings benefit of proactive maintenance measures. If any faults or issues are identified, the tool also provides recommended corrective actions based on equipment failure rates and potential downtime scenarios. The tool accommodates customized reporting; data and reports can be viewed at any level of the organization for better-informed decision-making.

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