Self-Cleaning Mass Flow Meter

Thanks to self-cleaning purge ports, the Model GF90 Flow Meter enables users to maintain optimum flow measurement performance while reducing maintenance costs in rugged applications where dirt, grit and grime are present in the fluid, says the vendor.

By connecting the GF90’s purge ports to compressed air, inert gas or solvent purge lines, process contaminants can be removed regularly and without uninstalling the flow sensor element from the pipe. The GF90 uses a thermal mass gas flow sensing element  designed with 316 stainless steel and nickel-braze construction. It also can be specified with corrosion and abrasion-resistant alloys, including Hastelloy, Monel and tantalum,  and with all-welded construction for service in the harshest environments. It is available for service in a broad range of  fluid temperature applications, from -100ºF to 850ºF and pressure applications to 1000 psig.

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