Compact 6-Axis Robot Controller

The Micro PowerDrive controller is a high-performance robot controller designed to provide ease of use, compact size and reliability at a low cost.

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Billed as the industry’s smallest 6-axis robot controller, the Micro PowerDrive can be mounted inside a standard cabinet panel next to a PLC, saving valuable factory floor space. Standard dimensions are 300(W)x170(D)x240(H)mm for use with the vendor’s E2 SCARA robot and 5(W)x170(D)x240(H)mm for use with the Pro Six 6-axis robot. The Micro PowerDrive can be used for stand-alone, PLC slave and PC-driven applications. The controller includes an enhanced version of the vendor’s RC+ development environment, with features including 16-task multi-tasking, the SPEL+ programming language, project management, and source level debugging with the vendor’s SmartSense technology.

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