Devicenet Cable Additions

Oct. 10, 2006
New DeviceNet cables including “Thin” and “Mid” hi-flex cables, Mid standard specification cables and  “Thick” tray rated cables are added to already existing “Thin” and “Thick” standard cables to fill out the vendor’s line.
The netFLEX-10M hi-flex DeviceNet cables are designed for more than 10 million flex cycles and are well-suited for use in c-tracks and robotic applications. The netFLEX-10M cables are available in the DeviceNet Thin and Mid specification and can be ordered as premolded cordsets with Mini (7/8”) or Micro (M12) connectors. A new Mid specification standard cable fills the gap between the current Thin and Thick cables. Compared to Thin cable, Mid cable improves the maximum trunk length from 100 meters to 300 meters for 125kbit/s and 200 meters for 250kbit/s and still allows the use of M12 connectors. The DeviceNet Thick Tray Cable is a 600V tray cable that allows placement in the same cable tray as power cables. This makes additional cable trays for low-power or communication cables unnecessary. The tray cable is available with Mini connectors as single or double-ended cordsets.Lumberg Inc.www.lumbergusa.comPhone:  804.379.2010