All Ethernet, All the Time

Sept. 12, 2006
The All Ethernet High-Availability Solution is designed to mitigate the risks of downtime, safety concerns, and reduce total cost of ownership for applications in which customers demand 24x7 uptime.

Based on the vendor’s PACSystems Rx7i and Rx3i control platforms, the Solution is designed to manage a large number of mission critical I/O at high speed in a distributed architecture. “Unscheduled downtime in mission-critical manufacturing and infrastructure operations can be catastrophic to the business, resulting not only in loss of revenue, but sometimes compromising the safety of the operation,” says Jerry Simons, director of applied solutions for the vendor. “With the combination of a high-performance central processor, distributed I/O and a 100 Mbps network, users will be able to manage a larger number of I/O and a larger number of remote drops at speeds far greater than was previously possible.”

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