Rugged Five-Port Ethernet Switch

Sept. 12, 2006
Designed for tough applications, the ET-5RS-IP67 five-port IP67 Ethernet Switch easily mounts to a machine or convenient flat surface for use in harsh industrial environments, reducing installation costs and saving space.
The IP67 Sealed Industrial Ethernet Switch is surrounded by a rugged fiber-enforced enclosure and equipped with Amphenol RJField connectors, which are IP67 rated to protect against water, oil, dust and vibration. Operating temperature range is -40°C to +75°C. The ET-5RS Real-time Ring feature provides fast switchover on a network failure, so systems stay up and running, says the vendor.  Real-time traffic prioritization with QoS is designed to assure delivery of real-time data, improves network utilization and allow for user-settable priority assignments. Sixnetwww.sixnetswitch.comPhone: 518.877.5173