Extreme Temperature Coriolis Flowmeters

Sept. 12, 2006
As the latest in the family of high-temperature Coriolis flowmeters, extreme temperature Micro Motion meters offer even higher reliability and performance for tough applications.
With an extreme process temperature rating of up to 800ºF (427ºC), Micro Motion Coriolis meters are now the highest rated temperature Coriolis meters available, says the vendor. Previously, extreme high-temperature applications had few good flowmeter options. As a solution, the extreme temperature Micro Motion Coriolis meters are equipped with heat-tolerant components throughout the sensor body, providing protection of the meters as the body quickly rises to the same temperature as the process. Transmitters are located remote from the sensor at the end of a vendor-supplied flexible conduit/cable.Emerson Process Managementwww.emersonprocess.comPhone: 888.752.6893