Enhanced Distributed Network Control

Sept. 12, 2006
An upgraded version of the vendor’s Stardom network-based control system provides functional enhancements to meet needs in the oil, natural gas, petrochemical and similar industries.
Key enhancements include an improved communication function for controlling widely distributed production facilities, as well as the capability to enhance control system reliability by using Stardom in combination with other control devices in a large plant. While the previous revision of Stardom added serial interfaces such as RS-232C for use with the DNP3 communication protocol, the new version adds an Ethernet interface, enabling improved communication function for wide-area distributed control. Control reliability is enhanced, thanks to the ability to combine Stardom with other control devices to form a large-scale integrated control system, enabling dual redundancy in the control network.Yokogawa Corp. of Americawww.yokogawa.com/usPhone: 800.258.2552