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In-Rack PC Makes Connection

The PC56-SLS is an in-rack PC with Wonderware SuiteLink-DAServer for use directly in the backplane of a ControlLogix chassis.

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By adding backplane connectivity to local or remote Allen-Bradley ControlLogix controllers to Wonderware’s DAServer, the PC56-SLS creates a reliable connection that eliminates the need for costly middleware, simplifying installation and improving performance, says the vendor. The PC56-SLS is designed to allow seamless access to tagged data from the ControlLogix controller to a DAS Engine located in the module. It is well-suited for users of Wonderware software who require high tag count systems (2,000 to 10,000 tags), want to implement a redundant data path, or would benefit from running distributed “Application Objects”—which are run directly from the rack, improving reliability. Hardware redundancy is achieved by using two PC56-SLS modules.

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