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Smart Relays And More

New additions to the Zelio line of automation products include the Telemecanique brand Zelio plug-in relays, Zelio Logic 2 programmable smart relays, Zelio count counters and Zelio analog interface modules.

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“The new family of Zelio plug-in relays is built with innovative features specifically designed to meet the most demanding application requirements, as well as accelerate return on investment by streamlining installation and management to save time and money for OEMs, panel builders and system integrators,” says Linda Sedak, senior product specialist at the vendor. “In addition, the new Zelio Logic 2 programmable smart relays offer an effective alternative to traditional relay, timer and counter combinations used in simple automation systems. The new all-in-one design saves valuable panel space and reduces installation time and wiring costs by up to 70 percent.” The Zelio count totalizing and hour counters keep a running total on the number of cycles a machine has performed or the total amount of time it has been running. The Zelio analog interface modules convert analog signals emitted by sensors or other devices into standard electrical signals.

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