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High-Speed Data Acquisition

The PXI-5105 eight-channel digitizer is billed as the lowest price-per-channel high-speed data acquisition product in its class, offering a cost-effective alternative to systems that use multiplexed A/D converters or switches to increase channel count.

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Engineers and scientists can use the PXI-5105 60 MS/s, 12-bit digitizer to increase the number of analog input channels in their systems while lowering test costs. Engineers can configure the PXI-5105 digitizer through software to perform typical oscilloscope measurements, as well as custom measurements in many applications. The PXI-5105 digitizer can be integrated with a variety of the vendor’s hardware, including digitizers, signal generators, high-speed digital I/O and multifunction data acquisition devices, to create custom measurement systems. PXI-5105 pricing starts at $3,999.

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