Multifunctional Signal Processing

Sept. 12, 2006
The USB MLX (Multifunctional LVDT eXtra) modular building block is designed to process input from various electrical signals with high speed and accuracy, and can provide programmable responses for automatic operation.
It is well-suited for stepper motor, gaging systems, automation, and PLC applications. A CPU in the MLX module relies on software to rapidly process signals from different types of sensors, allowing the MLX to easily be configured to work with several different types of devices, including LVDT probes, air-to-electric transducers, temperature sensors and eddy current sensors. With an internal PLC, the MLX can be programmed using standard ladder logic to respond to inputs, and can control complex automated equipment through discrete outputs, stepper motors or analog outputs. Utilizing USB 2.0 communications enables high-speed data transfers between MLX modules and a personal computer. Support for other communication protocols such as DeviceNet and CAN is planned for a future release.Kurt Manufacturing Co., Electronics Divisionwww.kurtelectronics.comPhone: 800.343.9884