I/O Block for Profibus DP

Sept. 12, 2006
The IP20 BradControl Block I/O system is available for use with Profibus DP networks. 
Designed for industrial in-cabinet use, the IP20 BradControl Block I/O system is comprised of a network adapter and up to 32 expansion modules mounted in an enclosure close to the field devices. The ribbon cable-based expansion bus, which handles intermodule communication, operates at 11Mbaud, can be 6.5 meters in length, and can accommodate a maximum of ten groups of modules. The expandable system can accommodate up to 512 channels of I/O. The BradControl Profibus adapter module operates as a Profibus-DP slave, managing signals and data from local field devices through the expansion modules.Woodhead Industries inc.Phone: 800.225.7724www.woodhead.com