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Wearable Fingertip Pressure Sensors

FingerTPSsensors are designed to be worn a person’s fingertips and palm, and to measure the pressures exerted while the person uses a tool or performs some other action.

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Based on capacitive sensor technology, FingerTPS sensors are capable of measuring pressures up to 10 pounds in 0.1lb increments. Less than 2mm thick, they are mounted in stretchable fabric for a snug fit on the user’s fingers. The systems are USB-powered for Windows PCs and supported by PC-resident software that displays and tracks time-series, average and peak pressures in easy-to-read color graphics. Currently available only as a research and development kit, users can choose up to four fingers and palm sensors for each hand. Evaluation kits are priced from $2,995 for a single-hand system with two sensors. Prices for a two-hand kit begin at $3,995. Additional sensors are priced at $495 each.

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