More Safety Laser Scanners

Aug. 1, 2006
As the latest additions to the vendor’s safety laser scanner family, the S3000 Short Range Safety Laser Scanner features a 4-meter safety field, while the S3000 Professional CMS Safety Laser Scanner (Contour Measurement & Safety) includes functionality to meet navigation requirements of complex mobile vehicle applications.

The 4-meter safety field of the S3000 Short Range is well-suited for applications such as slower moving vehicles or static applications where large safety fields are not necessary. The corresponding warning field radius is up to 49m. The S3000 Short Range features a 190-degree scanning range and four different levels of integrated functionality for up to 8 user-definable protection scenarios. The S3000 Professional CMS offers all the functionality of the S3000 Professional, with added capabilities including reflector mark detection up to 30m and event-driven contour measurement data output up to 49m. An interface with an onboard controller or computer enables this data to be shared for navigational purposes of the mobile vehicles.