Money-Saving Terminal Blocks

Aug. 1, 2006
P Series terminal blocks with push-in connection technology are designed to provide manufacturers with secure and reliable terminations while achieving cost savings.

Three P Series terminal blocks cover a cross section of 2.5mm2 to 16mm2, a function previously requiring five different blocks. The PDM 2.5/4, PDU 6/10 and PDU 16 have wiring ranges of 20-10AWG, 14-8AWG and 14-4AWG, respectively. This reduction in part numbers can save time and expense in design, procurement and inventory cost. The push-in terminal block technology, meanwhile, can reduce wiring time by up to 60 percent, says the vendor. Solid core wires, once stripped of insulation, are simply inserted into the terminal point until they hit the stop. No tools are required to make the connection.