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Inductive Analog Proximity Sensors

A line of inductive analog proximity sensors is designed to deliver highly precise non-contact proximity, position and distance sensing for metal objects.

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These heavy duty sensors are reliable at temperatures from -10ºC to +70ºC, and are capable of measuring distances from 1mm to 10mm. For high speed applications, the IWRM 04 sensor detects very small (0 to 1mm), very fast (less than 0.5ms) movements at resolutions of less than 1mm. Offering the greatest precision in the line, the IPRM 121 provides resolution of less than 100nm. Both the IWRM 12Zand IWRM 18Z cylindrical sensors offer full scale linearity, two outputs and programming via a teach-in button. Also featuring teach-in programming, the IWFK 20Z is a 2mm square sensor in a low-cost plastic housing. The 20Z is well-suited for small space applications and can measure distances as far as 10mm.

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