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Current Monitoring Relay

Designed for industrial heating equipment where load failures need to be monitored for and prevented, the RJCS Series Current Monitoring Solid State Relay is the latest entry in the vendor’s Solitron Series.

Aw 4975 A07p52d

This microprocessor-controlled relay is capable of switching 50-amp single phase AC loads at up to 660VAC, when controlled by a 4-32VDC signal. Its internal current sensing circuitry monitors and reacts to a number of load failure conditions. The RJCS alarm functions can be set locally or remotely from a standard PLC. Internal over temperature and over current protection is standard. The RJCS can be ordered with either NPN or PNP normally open or closed alarm outputs. The RJCS has an integrated heat sink and simply snaps to DIN rail.

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