Versatile Test Terminal Blocks

July 1, 2006
Branch or dual-connection disconnect test terminal blocks are designed to provide process industry companies the ability to “common” circuits together to easily perform measurement and testing for quick failure detection.

The WTR terminals feature screw connection technology, and are available in two versions: WTR4/ZR-Branch, and WTR4/ZZ with dual connections on both sides. In many cases, they can eliminate the need for a second terminal block with jumper accessory. In addition to the disconnect test functionality, various accessories extend the use of these terminal blocks. The SIHA3 fuse holder enables conversion of the disconnect terminal to a fuse terminal. The component plug (BEST) converts the WTR terminals into component terminals with resistors and diodes. The removable pull-pin disconnect (TNST) serves as a key to allow for quick and convenient circuit disconnection.