Machine-to-Enterprise Connection

July 1, 2006
The EDS4100 (Evolution Device Server) is billed as the first device server making it possible for IT-certified administrators to connect non-traditional IT equipment to corporate networks.

The EDS4100 incorporates the vendor’s Evolution Operating System, which provides the highest levels of security available, standards-based protocols and a powerful development platform that allows for unlimited control of attached equipment and customization opportunities, says the vendor. The EDS4100 includes enterprise-grade, open standards based security such as SSL 3.0 and SSH2 encryption protocols, as well as “Cisco-like” Command Line Interface capabilities. This enables network engineers familiar with Cisco CLI to add and configure device servers to existing networks quickly and easily. The EDS4100 comes equipped to support XML and RSS for configuration and information transport, and is fully IEEE 802.3 PoE (Power over Ethernet) compliant.