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High Resolution Step Motors/Drives

The CRK-M family is a ROHS-compliant high resolution series of 5-phase step motors and drivers. The family consists of 3 step motor and driver models that offer a basic step angle of 0.36º.

Aw 4985 A07p48d

The improved vibration stability of the 5-phase step motor can usually be readily integrated into an existing 2-phase system, says the vendor. The CRK 5-phase basic step angle can be quickly adjusted to achieve any 2-phase step motor’s step angles. A direct switchover from the 2-phase microstep mode can be easily performed without having to change input pulses by the CRK step motor and driver series. Available frame sizes range from 28mm with 5.9oz-in holding torque to 60mm with 320oz-in holding torque.

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