Multi-purpose Intelligent Robot

June 1, 2006
The R-2000iB is a multi-purpose intelligent robot designed for a range of applications including welding, assembly, part transfer, material removal and machine loading.

Supported by the new R-J3iC Controller, the R-2000iB is offered in multiple models, including a 165kg base model, a high-payload version and a rack-mount model. A slim arm and wrist assembly helps minimize interference with system equipment and allows the robot to operate in small workspaces. The R-J3iC Controller enables new levels of intelligence, says the vendor. A vibration control function is designed to eliminate robot vibration during motion, enabling quicker R-2000iB acceleration and deceleration, reducing cycle time by about 5 percent. In spot welding applications, automatic optimization of servo gun and robot motion reduces cycle time by about 15 percent. Additionally, a Robot Link enhancement controls and coordinates up to 10 robots through a network exchange of robot positional data.