Non-Programmable Logic Solver

June 1, 2006
The Model 340 Trip-Amp is designed as a simple, cost-effective, non-programmable logic solver solution that is appropriate for applications where programmable electronic logic-solvers may be overkill, such as process heaters and furnaces, pipeline and vessel protection, flare load mitigation and low discharge flow pump shutdowns.

The Model 340 Trip-Amp module is designed per IEC 61508 standards and Factory Mutual (FM) approved for use in SIL-1 and SIL-2 applications. When three Model 340 Trip-Amp modules are integrated together, the Diamond-SIS solution is FM approved for SIL-3 applications. The Model 340 accepts a digital or analog process input signal, When the analog input signal is used, two user-accessible adjustments allow setting pre-determined high and low set point values. The Model 340 Trip-Amp has an operating range of -22ºF to +167ºF