Ethernet Communication Module

May 1, 2006
The H4-ECOM100 is an Ethernet communication module for DirectLogic DL405 PLCs. The H4-ECOM100 can be inserted into any I/O slot of any local DL405 base to implement master/slave Ethernet communication at 10 or 100Mbit data rates.

Supporting industry standard ModBus TCP/IP client/server protocol, in addition to standard IP and IPX protocols, the H4-ECOM100 module responds to connected ModBus TCP/IP clients and can be configured to actively issue ModBus commands to other nodes or devices on the network. The module can be configured to serve as an e-mail client to send specified messages to e-mail addresses. Priced at $359, the H4-ECOM100 ships with NetEdit3 software to configure ECOM modules for networking and PLC-to-PLC communications.