PLC Integrates Operator Panel

May 1, 2006
The Jazz is a programmable logic controller that includes onboard I/O plus a full-function operator panel with numeric keypad.

It enables users to replace “smart relays” with a smarter, more powerful device, while keeping the same low budget, says the vendor. The Jazz offers advanced PLC programming capabilities such as 24K (virtual) of ladder programming software, math, store/load, compare, clock and vector operations functions. It also supports interrupts, loops and immediate read/write to I/Os. The Jazz provides 60 user-designed HMI screens. These screens can be used to display instructions to machine operators, to display conditional messages or to display variable data, such as time, date, bit status, timer and integer values. The keypad can be used for data entry and for viewing application data via the information mode. Jazz features a variety of communication options. SMS messaging capability provides real-time remote control via any GSM cell phone. Further communications include ModBus and OPC/DDE servers.