Software Simplifies PLC Programming

April 1, 2006
As 32-bit Windows certified programming software for the DirectLogic line of PLCs, DirectSoft5 has new features to make ladder logic programming faster and easier.

Most important is the addition of IBoxes—modularized instructions that perform simple to complex ladder logic. Common tasks such as configuring CTRIO high-speed counters, or programming an ON/OFF delay timer can require multiple lines of ladder code. Using the IBox reduces these processes to a simple programming block with fill-in-the blank parameters. More than 60 IBox instructions are available in categories such as memory, discrete and analog helpers, math, communications and CTRIO high speed counters. With DirectSoft5, documentation can be exported to C-more touch panels to use as tag names in the panel project. User Interface Themes allow operators to create a unique look and feel for specific projects. Other new features include customizable point-and-click editing from the control toolbar, DRUM timers for sequential operations, and automatic backup of the four most recently saved projects.