Handheld RFID PDA

April 1, 2006
The Silverjet RFID PDA is a handheld RFID reader/writer designed for factory operations. Jet Applications Software, included with every Silverjet package, runs on a Windows desktop PC and is designed to provide an intuitive interface for creating tag read and write programs.

The programs created are then transferred by Wi-Fi or USB to the Silverjet PDA, where they are executed by JetRunner Software. Tag data is scanned from tags and stored under the Windows file system on the Silverjet. Unique tag-specific data can be written to each tag through the JetRunner interface. The Silverjet RFID PDA is designed for read and write operations supporting all ISO 15693 passive tags, including the vendor’s LRP tag series, as well as tags from Phillips and Texas Instruments based on ISO 15693. Unlike developing standards such as the EPCglobal UHF standards, the HF standards (ISO 15693) have been used for several years in factory applications.

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