Combined Motion/Logic Control

April 1, 2006
As the latest module in the vendor’s I/O-System family, the 750-670 provides stepper motor and servo drive control in a compact 12mm-wide package.

“By integrating stepper motor and servo drive control into the fieldbus node (PLC- or PC-based), customers can eliminate the need for a separate motion controller,” says Mark DeCramer, product manager at the vendor. “This allows for one software platform for both motion and logic control requirements, thereby simplifying application development and troubleshooting, as well as reducing overall installation costs.” The 750-670 supports two pulse output patterns, step/direction or incremental encoder, which are configured via a function block in the vendor’s IEC 61131-3 programming tool. Communication with the stepper or servo drive is established via an RS-422 interface and controlled by a variable output frequency (0-500kHz).

Wago Corp.