Integrated Drive Terminals

April 1, 2006
Five new operator terminals provide access to drive data in power transmission and motion control applications, enabling operators to access, diagnose and optimize production processes.

Visualization and control tools provided by the panels allow operators to determine whether highly automated processes that require synchronous operation are being performed with accuracy. In addition to direct communication with the drive, the operator panels have built-in recipe controls, alarm management, multi-level password security and optional Ethernet TCP/IP or Profibus DP connectivity. The panels allow pass through access to drive data and simultaneous communication with two information sources, such as a PLC and drive. The five panel styles include 2x20 pixel LCD test display, 240x64 pixel LCD graphics display, 320x240 pixel VGA touch display, 320x240 pixel VGA color display and 640x480 pixel VGA touch display.



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