Insulation Displacement And Screw Clamp

March 1, 2006
The IDK 1.5N/ZB hybrid dual level terminal block provides two separate channels that offer two distinct termination technologies in one compact footprint—a time-saving insulation displacement connection (IDC) and the proven screw clamp connection.

This design provides OEMs a reduction in production labor through the use of the IDC termination, while offering end-users the screw clamp connection they are more accustomed to for field terminations. With a wire size range of 24 to 16 AWG for the IDC termination, and 26 to 12 AWG for the screw clamp termination the IDK 1.5/ZB hybrid terminal measures 0.2-in. wide-by-3.75-in. long-by-2.08-in. high. It is UL rated at 600V, 10A and 22 to 16 AWG.