Coriolis Gas Flow Computer

March 1, 2006
The Micro Motion Model 3711 gas flow computer is billed as the first gas flow computer to use and benefit from the accuracy of Coriolis direct mass flow measurement.

Using Micro Motion patented MVD (multivariable digital) technology, the system delivers gas measurement data in compliance with API MPMS Chapter 21.1, and in accordance with AGA8-92 world standards. The Micro Motion 3711 gas flow computer combines a sophisticated flow computer with the user’s choice of Micro Motion Coriolis meters, enabling flow measurement of any pure gas or gas mixture with a total uncertainty of less than 0.5%. Because Micro Motion Coriolis measurement makes possible a large flow range, and is accurate across a wide spectrum of process and ambient condition, one Micro Motion 3711 device can replace banks of meters of differing sizes and narrower ranges, says the vendor.