Paperless Recorders

March 1, 2006
The Minitrend QX and Multitrend SX paperless recorders are designed to offer significant improvements in data acquisition to help process manufacturers gain a better understanding of their operating environments and enhance overall plant performance.

Minitrend QX and Multitrend SX features include: touch screen capability and logical navigation controls for easy configuration; increased input capability, better input isolation and fast scan rates of up to 20 milliseconds, as well as additional ranges/actuations that improve the user’s ability to interface the process to the recorder; firmware options that can be matched to the application, without having to order and stock different recorder models; a large internal data buffer, expandable to 2Gbytes, along with removable front compact flash memory card and front and rear USB ports, for secure, flexible data storage options; and Ethernet and RS485 communications capabilities that allow users to monitor processes in real time or to schedule data uploads via the FTP (file transfer protocol).