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Cost-effective DC Motor Control

The KL2532 and KL2542 I/O terminals are designed to be a cost-effective alternative to traditional drive systems for DC motors.

Aw 5210 0603 Np16

Two 24 Watt DC motors can be supplied with up to 1 Amp from a KL2532 Bus Terminal, which have a width of just 12mm. The larger Bus Terminal variant, the KL2542, for two motors with ratings of up to 175 W includes an output stage for up to 50 V operating voltage and can supply a continuous current of 2x3.5A. Short-term peak currents are permitted and allow for fast acceleration. The KL2542 also offers an option for direct connection of an incremental encoder for each motor. The Bus Terminal contains all features of a full interface between motion control software and the mechanical system.

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