High-density I/O Modules

March 1, 2006
System designers and end users who want more performance from their I/O modules while conserving panel space have more options with new high-density modules for the Allen-Bradley Compact I/O product line.

All Compact I/O modules feature a tongue-and-groove design that locks the modules together. I/O modules can be installed either on a panel with two mounting screws or on a DIN rail, eliminating the need for a rack, and conserving panel space. The Compact I/O modules are available as isolated analog input (1769-IF41), isolated analog output (1769-OF4CI, 1769-OF4VI), digital input (1769-IQ32T) digital output (1769-OV32T) or serial ASCII (1769-ASCII). The analog modules offer 16-bit resolution up to four isolated channels with the following level of isolation: 500VAC or 710VDC for one minute channel-channel and channel-backplane. The new digital modules are 32 point 24VDC modules.