Enhanced Automation Programming Environment

March 1, 2006
Automation Studio Version 2.5 is an integrated Windows development environment for control, visualization, motion and communication that provides users with production and service support during programming and commissioning.

Important components of Automation Studio Version 2.5 include: standardized, open data management with XML; object-oriented projects that support simple configurations for powerful tasks, without complex IEC syntax expansions that don’t conform to the standard; automation topology displayed intuitively in both logical and physical forms; support for third-party components by integrating standards; a natural environment for integrating into the entire production process, including ECAD and ERP systems; “software on demand” philosophy that allows machines from an ERP system to be represented without additional configuration by integrating ECAD data; an integrated software version management system; Open Automation Net communication architecture for applications and service regardless of the physical structure being used; seamless integration of standards such as Ethernet Powerlink, CanOpen, Profibus DP and DeviceNet; and IEC 61131-3 languages, as well as high-level C programming language seamlessly integrated with all IEC languages and function blocks.