Next Generation Smart Relays

March 1, 2006
The next generation of the vendor’s SmartRelay line includes firmware, hardware and software upgrades, as well as a new expansion module.

The compact and expandable FL1D SmartRelay includes the following new features: a PI controller that allows control of temperature, pressure or level with six predefined parameter sets, with a fixed cycle time of 0.5 seconds; a ramp function for controlling frequency converters with two analog speeds for adjustable acceleration and deceleration; an analog multiplexer that enables output of four preset analog values for simple control. Additional improvements include adjustable contrast on SmartRelay LCD displays. The new version 5.0 of WindLGC programming software includes new function blocks; different line thickness for digital and analog signals; an option to display all the lines that are connecting to a function block; and the ability to force outputs to turn ON/OFF in offline simulation mode. A new expansion module allows getting 2-pt 0-10V analog output signals with 10-bit resolution, in a module the same size as existing expansion modules.