Upgraded Network-based Control

March 1, 2006
Strengthened network and communication functions and new pulse width output modules are among upgrades to Stardom, the vendor’s open network control system.

Enhancements to network functions make it possible for the vendor’s Centum DCS to connect to Stardom through a general-purpose, high-speed Ethernet. An operator at a Centum operation and monitoring station can now view the operating status information of a Stardom-controlled plant. By combining these two platforms, users can efficiently build systems for plant-wide operation and monitoring. Stardom also now supports DNP3 communication, to ensure fault-free data exchange even when general-purpose telephone circuits and other types of low-stability communication lines are used. The newly released pulse width output modules make it possible to control the gating of electrically operated valves in just 2 ms, ten times faster than conventional modules.