"Ready-to-go" Process Planning

Feb. 1, 2006
Delmia Process Engineer (DPE) Rapid is an “out-of-the-box” manufacturing process planning solution targeted at small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises.

It is especially well-suited for companies in the consumer goods, electrical and electronics and fabrication and assembly industries. DPE Rapid comes with updateable software that supports a standard process planning methodology, eliminating the need for customization. It provides a pre-configured solution for companies to quickly establish a digital planning environment, allowing collaboration during their process planning and detailing activities. It is equipped with tools to share and establish libraries for capturing enterprise knowledge, facility layouts, manufacturing concepts and cost analysis. DPE Rapid provides early recognition of process risks, re-use of proven processes, traceable changes and decisions, and access to scattered production knowledge. Functionality supports simultaneous engineering of production facilities during product design, whereby the manufacturing concept is viewed in 3D to assist in planning of workplaces and resources.