High-performance Linear Actuators

Feb. 1, 2006
The DMES line of electromechanical linear actuators offers compact dimensions, high load capacity and high mechanical torques, providing a feed force of up to 3000 N.

As a result of the fine screw pitch, the lead screw of the DMES is inherently non-backdriveable, says the vendor, thereby eliminating the need for an additional braking mechanism in vertical applications. The DMES is optimized to be used in combination with the vendor’s MTR-DCI, a high-value motor that includes an integrated positioning controller, providing a cost-effective precision linear motion solution. The DMES lead screw is integrated within the body of the actuator, providing enhanced protection, and minimizing the risk of premature failure related to contamination from debris. An external metal sealing strip provides additional protection from dirt and dust.

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