RFID System for Manufacturing

Feb. 1, 2006
The vendor’s RFID System is designed for “closed-loop” manufacturing applications including pallet tracking, component identification, intelligent part routing, error-proofing and assembly verification.

The RFID System’s read/write module measures 55mm-by-24mm-by-41mm and combines three components in one—a control interface, reader and antenna. The module exchanges data with a reusable, passive ID tag at a distance of 20mm. The tag can be directly mounted to pallets and workpiece carriers, or the tag can be inserted into the vendor’s miniature tag fixture. The system generates a 125kHz electromagnetic field for reading and writing data. The electromagnetic field emitted by the antenna induces voltage in the passive ID tag. This activates the ID tag that returns its code. The tag’s 15-bit data is reliably read at travel speeds up to 0.5m/s. Electrical connection is made directly to the AS-i network via an M12 connector. The RFID system connects to all common PLCs and industrial bus systems.

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