VFD Cable Additions

Feb. 1, 2006
Five Large AWG Symmetrical Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) cables and five Signal Brake Pair VFD cables have been added to the vendor’s line of flexible VFD cables for industrial AC motor drive applications.

The new Large AWG VFD Cables, at 1 to 4/0 AWG, feature three stranded XLPE TC circuit conductors and two spiral copper tape shields that improve flexibility and EMI/RFI noise protection. Three symmetrical bare copper ground wires provide a balance ground system to reduce AC motor shaft voltage, which reduces the likelihood of premature motor bearing or insulation failures. The new 16 to 8 AWG Signal Pair VFD Brake Cables feature three stranded XLPE TC circuit conductors plus a full-size insulated green/yellow ground wire, a dual (foil/braid) shield for effective EMI/RFI noise reduction, plus a signal pair for brake. The cables are round and smooth to allow proper sealing of glands and molding applications.