No People Allowed

Feb. 1, 2006
As an extension to the C4000 family of safety light curtains, the C4000 Palletizer incorporates pattern recognition technology that eliminates the need for muting sensors.

The C4000 Palletizer can be placed where material needs to enter and exit a machine, but a person needs to be detected. Worker access is prohibited due to the product’s ability to recognize object sizes and pattern as it moves through the light curtain. The light curtain can detect up to five smaller objects or one large object and is available in resolutions of 30mm or 40mm, with protective heights up to 1800mm. Also new are the C4000 Eco and the C4000 Basic Plus, both designed for cost-effective protection. Both feature the same robust housing as the C4000 Basic, Standard, Advanced and Palletizer versions, but are “guard-only” light curtains for simple point-of-operation safeguarding.