Flexible, Modular Motor Starter

Feb. 1, 2006
Billed by the vendor as “the world’s most flexible motor starter,” the Telemecanique TeSys U-Line motor starter combines the traditional power and control functions of a motor starter with built-in intelligence and a modular structure that provides design flexibility.

With the TeSys U-Line, “just two power bases cover all power ranges up to 32 amps,” says Tom Fowler, motor control products manager at the vendor. “These power bases can be installed, connected and tested regardless of the ultimate type and level of control voltage selected. This allows OEMs to ‘prebuild’ a machine and then customize it for each customer’s requirements.” The openness of the TeSys U-Line means that the system can be configured or modified at any time. Modular control units for various protection and control functions, along with plug-in function modules, also simplify retrofitting. Communication modules and interface modules are offered for various network protocols. “This extremely compact starter takes up 50 percent less space than conventional solutions,” Fowler adds. The TeSys U-Line can operate at ratings of up to 20 HP at 480VAC 15 with a breaking capacity of 50kA/400V.

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